Texas Homeschool Organization Fills Enrichment & Athletic Gaps

Recognizing a lack of ways for homeschooling families to access high-quality enrichment and athletic opportunities for students, Veronica Pedraza stepped up to the challenge of closing these critical gaps. Six years ago, she founded Lighthouse Home School Support to serve homeschooling families in and around Port Arthur in southeast Texas. 

In addition to offering weekly enrichment labs and athletic opportunities, Lighthouse Home School Support coaches families on how to navigate homeschool requirements in Texas, provides curriculum support, and helps families build out their students’ academic transcripts. Lighthouse is part of the Southeast Texas Educational Partnership.  

“​​We noticed that many families become discouraged when attempting to homeschool solo,” Pedraza said. “Students and parents often need accountability, help with particular academic subjects, and encouragement when they feel they are struggling or when their children seem disengaged.” 

Supported in part by a VELA microgrant, Lighthouse provides two days of learning, one for enrichment and athletics, and another for guided academics to assist families with instruction outside their homes. Parents pitch in to teach subject areas where they are most comfortable. 

“Homeschooling is changing as more families from traditional schooling shift to homeschooling, and many have both parents working,” said Pedraza.“ We are building upon our existing co-op structure and athletic program to add more learning experiences for families.”

Lighthouse families also have access to a bookstore and library with curriculum resources. 

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