Social Group Enhances Homeschool Experience for South Carolina Students

Amidst a continued rise in the number of homeschooled children in the U.S., one homeschool group has grown to serve hundreds of families in the Charleston, South Carolina area. GLOW Homeschoolers is an enrichment program that gives homeschooling students safe and engaging opportunities to connect with each other and gain social experiences. 

Offering 6-8 week enrichment programs for elementary and middle school students and day-long field trips to places like the Bee City Zoo and Morris Island for fossil hunts, GLOW Homeschoolers acts as a learning supplement for homeschooled students.

“The families who join GLOW are looking for an in-person homeschool community. They want social interaction with other kids and families,” said GLOW Homeschoolers founder Stacy Brown. “Families want opportunities for their kids to learn with other homeschooled kids.”

Funded in part by grants, including VELA’s microgrant program, GLOW Homeschoolers is an inclusive organization offered to all homeschooling families in and around Charleston. 

“Most of our families are single-income families, opting to have one parent stay home to educate their kids,” Brown said. “Our discounted and subsidized offerings make this type of program accessible to families.” 

Designed to be interactive and engaging to maximize social time and connections among homeschooling students, GLOW’s events and programs provide student enrichment rather than core subject classes. 

“Students get to come to a fun location, learn new things and subjects, socialize, and parents can stay or drop off,” Brown said.

As more families transition to homeschooling, Brown says the need for supplemental groups such as GLOW Homeschoolers are becoming increasingly important. 

“Families need a safe place for their students to engage in experiences with other kids outside of the home,” Brown said. “Feeling connected, making friends, and having fun is a critical part of the homeschool experience.”

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