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VELA is catalyzing a vibrant alternative education ecosystem.

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The VELA Founder Network is the nation’s leading community of entrepreneurs providing alternatives to conventional schooling.

By providing early capital, access to a thriving community of entrepreneurs, and connections to resources and support, VELA is accelerating the exploration of new frontiers in education.

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We believe that sustainable change in education will come from the ground up.

Parents should be empowered to lead their children’s educational journey. Founders should be empowered to deliver dynamic education solutions for families.

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The VELA Founder Network is made up of thousands of visionary founders building sustainable businesses that revolutionize education.

Brettani Shannon, Options for Education

Meet VELA Founder Brettani Shannon, an ecosystem builder in Oregon whose work supports both families seeking alternatives to conventional schooling and the founders who provide them. “I started bringing people together and playing matchmaker.”

Amber Okolo-Ebube, Leading Little Arrows

Meet VELA Founder Amber Okolo-Ebube who created Leading Little Arrows in Texas not only for learners, but also for parents. “We want the parent to feel like they can stay in this lifestyle.”

Tobin Slaven, Acton Academy Ft. Lauderdale

Meet Tobin Slaven, Founder of Acton Academy Ft. Lauderdale, a microschool in Florida that challenges learners to take charge of their own education. “When they are engaged in their learning – when it’s learner-driven and they feel that ownership, it happens at a much deeper level.”

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